Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Yoga (Mary Viqueras)

Have you paid a visit to yourself lately? This class will invite you into your body through breath awareness combined with slow mindful movement. You are welcome to join us as we build a sustainable yoga practice that creates balance and resilience in mind, body and spirit. Come as you are to rediscover yourself with kindness and compassion.

Yoga (Eden McGuffin)

Vinyasa All Levels Flow

Pilates (Andrea Karrs)

With attention to rhythmic breathing and mental focus, the class includes work on total body strengthening and alignment.  

Open to all levels — the instructor offers modifications for those who are beginning and variations for more advanced students. In this way, allowing for all levels in class. Pilates Progression is a little more advanced.

Pilates mat classes are a solid workout and a safe, effective way to become more fit and flexible. The goal is to get more balanced in your body!

Barre (Andrea Karrs)

Barre Class is a super-energizing, whole-body workout that’s great for everyone, from beginners to pros. Each class works to build alignment, strengthen your core, and tone the arms and legs. The barre is used to facilitate balance while performing much of the legwork.

“Go with the Flow” (Geri Rogner)

Vinyasa Flow yoga emphasizes the sequential movement between postures, coordinated with and guided by deliberate breath. You can expect a fully balanced class of movements and poses focused on opening the hips, strengthening your core, improving your balance, and stabilizing the shoulders. With varying playlists and an upbeat atmosphere, I hope to create a space where everyone is invited to celebrate one another’s accomplishments and laugh along the way.  

Multifunctional Strength Training Class (Jane deOlloqui)

This class is designed to help strengthen and condition the muscles for everyday movements. Weight lifting tones and conditions the muscles as well as enhances endurance. Along with strengthening, balance will be factored into the workout as well as core conditioning. All levels welcome.